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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: I - Manual of Operations
Subject: Introduction
Code: 1-I-1
Revised: 6-06-96


     To set forth and establish a standard, written source of departmental policies and procedures which will promote the effective and efficient operation of the Fire Department.


    The Charlottesville Fire Department shall establish an Operations Manual containing written, standardized operational policies, procedures and regulations.  Said manual shall be utilized by the Fire Department personnel as the official reference source of written guidelines pertaining to departmental operations of an organizational, routine or emergency nature.


    A. Pursuant to the authority vested in the Fire Chief by state Law and Local Ordinance, the Operations Manual is hereby established as the standard, written reference source of Departmental Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedures and Operations.

    B. The contents of the Operations Manual shall supersede any conflicting information contained in any other departmental publication.


    A. It shall be the responsibility of all employees to familiarize themselves with and conform to the policies, regulations and procedures contained within the Operations Manual.

    B. It shall be the responsibility of all Fire Department Officers to supervise and command their subordinates within the guidelines and philosophies contained within the Operations Manual.


   A. Policies in the form of reasonable guidelines are necessary for the proper operation of any organization. Such policies must be standardized in a workable, readable format which is available to all levels of the organization.

   B. Knowledge of these policies and procedures by Fire Department members is essential for the maintenance of discipline and the development of teamwork and morale.

   C. The policies, procedures and regulations contained within this Manual are intended to be reasonable and workable guidelines of a positive nature.

   D. Periodic review and revision of policies and operational procedures, recognized as necessary, has been incorporated as part of this manual.

   E. This Manual of Operations cannot be expected to provide a solution to every question or problem which may arise in an organization established to provide an emergency service delivery system. It is expected, however, that it will be sufficiently comprehensive to cover, either in a specific or general way, the majority of operational and administrative activities which involve the members of the Charlottesville Fire Department.

   F. The existence of these written guidelines is not intended to limit any member in the exercise of judgment or initiative in taking the action a reasonable person would take in extraordinary situations which may arise in the fire service. Much by necessity must be left to the loyalty, integrity and discretion of members. 

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