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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: I - Manual of Operations
Subject: Manual Organization and Use
Code: 1-I-2
Revised: 6-6-96

2.01   PURPOSE

       To  explain  the organization and usage of the Charlottesville
       Fire Department Manual of Operations so that  Fire  Department
       personnel  will  understand how to correctly and fully utilize
       the Manual of Operations.

2.02   POLICY

       A.  The Operations Manual shall contain sufficient information
           pertaining to its organization and usage which will assist
           Fire  Department  personnel in their use and understanding
           of the Manual.
       B.  Fire  Department  personnel  shall  familiarize themselves
           with the organization and use of the Operations Manual.

2.03   CONTENT

       All   Rules,   Regulations,   Operational   or  Administrative
       Procedures, Memos, General Orders and Special  Orders  of  the
       Charlottesville  Fire  Department  which are of concern to its
       uniformed members are contained within the Operations Manual.


       A.  The  Manual  is  composed  of four books, each (except the
           Memoranda Book) is identified by an Arabic number and  its
           title.  These are as follows:
               Book l.  Operations
               Book 2.  Routine Operations
               Book 3.  Emergency Operations
               The Memoranda Book
           In  addition to these four books, there is also a separate
           Index which lists  the  subjects  covered  throughout  the
           entire Manual.
       B.  Each  of  the  first  three Books is divided into chapters
           which are designated by Roman numeral and title.
       C.  Each chapter is divided into subjects which are identified
           by Arabic number and title.
       D.  Each subject is divided into sections which are identified
           by a decimal number.  This decimal number is  composed  of
           the  whole  number  assigned  to the subject and a decimal
           number ranging from .0l to .99, depending upon the  number
           of sections.  For example, the third section of the fourth
           subject would receive the following section number, 4.03.
       E.  Sections  may  be  further  broken  down, if necessary, by
           using standard outline techniques beginning with a capital
           letter following the section number.
       F.  Each  Book  contains  a  Table of Contents which lists its
           chapters and subjects.

2.05   CODING

       A.  The  basic  unit  of  information  in  the  Manual  is the
       B.  Each  subject  receives  a  code number for identification
       C.  The  code  number  is  composed  of three digits; the Book
           number, the chapter numeral and the subject number.
       D.  A typical reference code would be written in the following
           manner:  3-IV-5.  This identifies  the  fifth  subject  in
           chapter  four  of  Book  Three.   Restated,  the  code  is
           composed of the  BOOK  NUMBER,  CHAPTER  NUMERAL,  SUBJECT


       The  Manual  of Operations is designed to facilitate rapid and
       easy reference of desired information.   To  accomplish  this,
       two  different methods have been devised for locating areas of

       A.  To  locate a subject within a given general area, a member
           can simply refer to the Book which covers  that  area  and
           utilize  its  Table  of  Contents  to  locate  the desired
       B.  The  memoranda contained within this Book are temporary in
           nature and must be removed  and  filed  as  soon  as  they
           become  out  of  date or no longer valid.  Memoranda which
           become a permanent policy are converted to regular  policy
           format.  (Also see l-I-4)


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