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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: II - Definition of Terms
Subject: Abbreviations
Code: 1-II-2
Revised: 6-6-96

2.0l   PURPOSE

       To   provide   a   means   of   producing  clear  and  concise
       communications through the  reasonable  use  of  abbreviations
       within the Fire Department's records and reports.

2.02   POLICY

       A.  Within  this  policy  there shall be provided a listing of
           approved abbreviations which are appropriate  for  use  in
           all department written communications.
       B.  Unapproved  abbreviations  may be utilized in a communique
           provided that a clear  and  specific  definition  of  that
           abbreviation is provided within that communique.
       C.  Utilization of abbreviations shall be at the discretion of
           the communicator but shall  not  be  utilized  in  such  a
           manner   as   to  hinder  clarity  or  continuity  of  the


       A.  Months of the year:
           Jan. - January
           Feb. - February
           Mar. - March
           Apr. - April
           May  - May
           Jun. - June
           Jul. - July
           Aug. - August
           Sept. - September
           Oct. - October
           Nov. - November
           Dec. - December
       B.  Days of the week:
           Mon. - Monday
           Tues. - Tuesday
           Wed. - Wednesday
           Thurs. - Thursday
           Fri. - Friday
           Sat. - Saturday
           Sun. - Sunday
       C.  Directions:
           N - North
           S - South
           E - East
           W - West
           NE - Northeast
           NW - Northwest
           SE - Southeast
           SW - Southwest
       D.  Rank:
           BC - Battalion Chief
           Capt. - Captain
           DC - Deputy Chief
           FC - Fire Chief
           FF - Fire Fighter
           FM - Fire Marshal
           FP - Fire Prevention
           IC - Incident Commander
           OIC - Officer-In-Charge
           PIO - Public Information Officer
           Lt. - Lieutenant
           Disp. - Dispatcher
           Mech. - Mechanic


       Bldg. - Building
       Blvd. - Boulevard
       Co. - Company
       Comm. - Communications
       C.P. - Command Post
       Dept. - Department
       DOA - Dead On Arrival
       Dr. - Drive
       Eng. - Engine
       E.R. - Emergency Room
       F.D. - Fire Department
       I.C.S. - Incident Command System
       Insp. - Inspection
       L.P.G. - Liquified Petroleum Gas
       Ln. - Lane
       P.D. - Police Department
       St. - Street
       Trk. - Truck

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