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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Uniforms
Code: 1-IV-1
Revised: 6-10-96


      A.  To  facilitate  the  display  of  a  neat  and professional
          appearance  by  members   of   the   Fire   Department   by
          establishing   policy   and   guidelines   concerning  Fire
          Department uniforms.
      B.  To  provide command, company, and functional identification
          for Fire Department personnel and the public.
      C.  To  establish  the  uniformity  of  dress for all uniformed
          members of the department.
      D.  To  establish  guidelines  for  the  placement  of  uniform
          accessories and guidelines on work shoes furnished  by  the

l.02  POLICY

      A.  All  uniform clothing worn by Fire Department members shall
          meet Charlottesville  Fire  Department  specifications  and
          shall be neat in appearance.
      B.  Fire  Department  members  shall  maintain,  at  least, the
          minimum amount of uniform clothing necessary  to  meet  the
          standards set forth in this policy.
      C.  Members  shall  not  remain  in  any  state  of  undress or
          semi-undress during waking hours.
      D.  Those uniforms which are listed within this policy shall be
          the   only   officially   recognized   uniforms   of    the
          Charlottesville Fire Department.
      E.  Members  shall not sleep in uniforms during normal sleeping

l.03  SCOPE

      This  policy  covers  those  uniforms  worn  by  members of the
      Charlottesville Fire Department.


      A.  The  Fire  Chief  shall  have the authority to establish or
          change Fire Department uniform standards and policies.
      B.  All  members  are  responsible  for  maintaining a neat and
          professional  appearance  within  the  guidelines  of  this
      C.  All officers are responsible to insure that those whom they
          supervise comply with Departmental uniform standards.


      A.  Fire  personnel  shall  wear and maintain their uniforms in
          such a manner so as to present a neat and clean appearance.
      B.  Uniforms  shall be clean and free of rips, tears, and holes
          and shall  not  be  missing  any  required  parts  such  as
          buttons, patches, and accessories.
      C.  Only those uniform accessories which are listed within this
          policy  are  approved  to  be  worn  with  Fire  Department
          uniforms.  (See Item 1.13 - Uniform Accessories)
      D.  Uniforms  are  to  worn  only  during On-Duty working hours
          unless otherwise approved by  the  Fire  Chief.   Employees
          shall  not  wear  uniforms  for  private  purposes  such as
          working around the house, outside employment, or other like
      E.  When   reporting   for   normal   duty,   Suppression   and
          Communications personnel shall wear  a  regulation  uniform
          (Class B).  Approved sweatshirts may be worn on the outside
          of the Class  B  uniform  shirt  provided  that  the  shirt
          collars  are  worn  on  the  outside  of  the  sweatshirts.
          T-shirts are not to be worn  in  place  of  the  regulation
          uniform  shirt  when  reporting  for  duty.  Chief Officers
          shall wear a Class A uniform.  Staff  officers  shall  wear
          either  Class  A  uniform  or  appropriate business attire.
          Civilian employees shall wear appropriate business attire.
      F.  Employees must wear their full uniforms at all times during
          on- duty working hours.
          1.  Necessary  exceptions  may  be made by the shift's Fire
              Battalion Chief or Officer-In-Charge as  the  situation
          2.  At  any  given  time, all shift members shall be in the
              same uniform unless otherwise specified by the  shift's
              Fire Battalion Chief.
      G.  All  uniforms shall conform to the standards established in
          this policy by the Fire chief.
      H.  A complete Class "A" and Class "B" uniform shall be kept at
          a members  assigned  station  at  all  times  and  will  be
          available for inspection when requested.
      I.  Members  may change into civilian clothes at the discretion
          of the Officer-In-Charge if they are leaving  their  normal
          tour of duty.
      J.  Members  of the department will report for normal duty in a
          clean uniform.
      K.  No  civilian  clothing  will  be  worn over top of any Fire
          Department uniform at any time nor Fire Department clothing
          over civilian clothing.


      The work (Class B) uniform is worn by all personnel attached to
      the Fire Suppression force who hold the rank of Fire  Battalion
      Captain  through  Fire Fighter. The Work uniform is an optional
      uniform for Chief  Officers  and  forty  (40)  hour  personnel,
      depending  upon  the  type  of  activities in which they may be
      engaged.  The following items comprise the work uniforms:
      A.  Short or long sleeve shirt, blue for Fire Fighters and Fire
          Captains and white for Fire Battalion Captains.  (Also, See
          Item 1.10 - T-Shirts)
      B.  Blue trousers.
      C.  Winter navy coat (worn also with dress uniform).
      D.  Black belt with buckle.
      E.  Black shoes made of leather or similar material.
      F.  Black, dark blue, or white socks with black tops.
      G.  Sweat Shirts
      H.  Appropriate accessories.  (See Item 1.13)


      The  full  dress  (Class  A) uniform is worn by Fire Department
      members during the biannual inspections, by Chief Officers  and
      Staff  Officers,  and  such  other  times as the Fire Chief may
      direct.  The following items comprise the full dress uniform:
      A.  Dress blue trousers.
      B.  Dress blue jacket.
      C.  Long sleeve uniform shirt.
      D.  Black tie.
      E.  Black belt with buckle.
      F.  Black shoes.
      G.  Black, dark blue socks, or white socks with black tops.
      H.  Blue winter coat.
      I.  Dress hat.

1.08  SHOES

      Black  shoes made of leather or a similar material will be worn
      with both classes of uniforms.
      A.  No canvas shoes shall be worn.
      B.  Shoes  will  be  kept clean and polished at all times while
          on duty.
      C.  Shoes with rips, tears, and/or holes will not be worn while
          on duty.

1.09  SOCKS

      Socks worn with either class of uniform will be black, blue, or
      white with black tops.

1.10  T-SHIRTS

      A.  T-shirts,  white  or  dark blue in color, may be worn while
          on-duty in lieu of work uniform shirt.
      B.  T-shirts issued by the department may be worn with civilian
          clothes  while  off-duty.   T-shirts  purchased  from   the
          Department   may  be  worn  by  family  members.   Approved
          association issued T-shirts may also be worn as part of the
          Class "A" or Class "B" uniform.
      C.  All   department   personnel  will  report  to  work  in  a
          regulation uniform shirt and not a T-shirt.
      D.  T-shirts  may  not  be  worn while on inspections or on any
          other occasion where the main purpose is  personal  contact
          with the public.
      E.  T-shirts  worn  as the outer shirt of the work uniform must
          be tucked inside the uniform pants.


      A.  Only  approved  navy  blue sweat shirts may be worn whether
          issued by the department or by the association.  Such sweat
          shirts  consist  of  a  blue on white or white on blue logo
          over the left breast and no markings on  the  back  of  the
          sweat shirt.
      B.  When  the  sweat  shirt  is worn over the Class "B" uniform
          shirt, the uniform shirt collar will be worn outside of the
          sweat shirt.
      C.  Sweat shirts may not be worn with Class "A" uniforms.


      A.  The  basic  uniform accessories issued to all personnel are
          listed in l.l2.
      B.  Patches, badges, insignias or any other type of accessories
          shall be worn only if approval has first been obtained from
          the office of the Fire Chief.
      C.  Patches.
          l.  Fire  Service  Training  patches  issued  by  the State
              Department of Fire Services Training may be worn on the
              left sleeve of the uniform shirt one (l) inch below the
              shoulder seam.
          2.  Only one (l) patch may be worn per uniform.
      D.  Collar Insignia
          l.  Collar insignias issued will be worn one (l) inch above
              the tip of the uniform shirt collar and centered on the
          2.  Collar insignias as issued will be worn on the lapel of
              the Class "A" blouse as described.
          3.  Collar insignias on the blouse shall be placed with the
              wide end of the (primary)  trumpet(s)  opening  to  the
              corner of the collar.
          4.  Collar insignias will be worn on the lapel one (l) inch
              from the outside seam of the winter coat.
          5.  Collar  insignias  on  the  winter coat shall be placed
              with the wide end of the (primary)  trumpet(s)  opening
              to the end of the shoulder.
      E.  Badges  as issued will be worn on the uniform shirt or coat
          above the left breast pocket.
      F.  Name  plates  will  be  worn centered over the right breast
          pocket with the pin parallel to and touching the top of the
      G.  Only  official  Fire Department hats may be worn by on-duty


      A.  Work (Class B) Uniform
          l.  Work pants - 8 pairs.
          2.  Work shirt - 4 long sleeve and 4 short sleeve.
          3.  Winter coat - l.
          4.  Uniform shoes - 1 pair.
          5.  Black belt - 1.
          6.  Belt buckle - 1.
          7.  T-Shirts - 8.
      B.  Dress (Class A) Uniform
          l.  Dress uniform pants - l.
          2.  Dress uniform shirt - l (long sleeve).
          3.  Dress uniform jacket - l.
          4.  Dress uniform hat - l.
          5.  Dress uniform tie - l.
      C.  Accessories
          l.  Fire Department patch - l per shirt.
          2.  Collar insignias - l pair.
          3.  Hat badge - l.
          4.  Uniform badge - l.
          5.  Name plate - l.
          6.  Fire Department Baseball Cap - l.


      A.  Members  wishing  to  obtain additional uniform items shall
          submit a request for such to their direct supervisor.
      B.  Clothing  requests  shall  contain  a  list of the clothing
          items desired, quantities of each and sizes.
      C.  Requests  will  then  be forwarded to the Deputy Fire Chief
          for approval.
      D.  All  requests  for new shoes, including those not issued by
          the Department, must first be approved by the  Deputy  Fire
          Chief.   Individuals  wishing  to  purchase their own shoes
          must  furnish  (to  the  Deputy  Fire  Chief)  a  pictorial
          description of what they want to buy.

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