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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Lost or Damaged Equipment
Code: 1-IV-11
Revised: 6-10-96


      To  establish  Fire  Department  policy  and procedures for the
      proper  management  of  matters  concerning  lost  or   damaged
      equipment and/or apparatus.

11.02 POLICY

      Members who may become aware of lost or damaged Fire Department
      equipment  and/or  apparatus  shall  promptly  report   such
      conditions  in  accordance with the procedures contained within
      this policy.


      A.  Any  member  who  becomes  aware  of  lost  or damaged Fire
          Department equipment and/or apparatus shall notify  his/her
          supervisor immediately.
      B.  If  damage  is  severe  enough and/or the incident requires
          emergency  attention,  contact   one   of   the   following
          1.  Rita Scott, Director of Finance
               (Risk Manager)
               Office: 97l-3200
               Home: 977-5008
          2.  W. Clyde Gouldman, City Attorney
               Office: 97l-3l3l
               Home: 296-6725
          3.  Yeager and Company
               Office: l-800-552-2007
               After Hours: 74-794-8606 or 74-288-5889
      C.  The  Fire  Battalion  Chief  shall make an assessment as to
          whether or not theft or  vandalism  has  occurred  and,  if
          necessary,  notify  the  Police  Department.   An  incident
          report must be filled out for any theft of City property.
      D.  The  member  responsible  for  the  loss  or  damage to the
          property in question must complete the Property Loss Notice
          Form (green Acord) and forward it to his/her supervisor for
          their signature.  To complete this form,  simply  fill  out
          lines #4 - #9 only.
      E.  The  Property  Loss  Notice  Form must be completed for all
          lost or damaged property  and  must  be  submitted  to  the
          Finance  Department  within  two  (2)  business days of the
      F.  The Fire Battalion Chief shall notify the Deputy Fire Chief
          of the situation and those actions which have been taken.
      G.  The  Maintenance  Division shall be notified of any lost or
          damaged equipment and/or apparatus by means of the CFD Form
          #l0, Report of Defective or Missing Equipment.
          1.  The  individual  filing  the report shall enter his/her
              name in the "FROM" portion of form and the date on  the
              following line.
          2.  The  department  number  assigned to each light vehicle
              shall be entered in Section l under "Vehicle Number" or
              the  department Engine or Truck Company Number assigned
              to each piece of apparatus shall be entered in  Section
              l under "Company Number".
          3.  The   problem  shall  be  described  as  thoroughly  as
              possible in Section l.
          4.  The  Officer-In-Charge or the Company Officer will sign
              CFD Form #l0 acknowledging that he/she is aware of  the
              problem as indicated on the form.
          5.  CFD  Form  #l0  shall  be forwarded to the Fire Chief's
              Office for the following action:
              a.  Copy forwarded to Maintenance Division.
              b.  Original placed in a ten (l0) day suspense file for
                  follow-up by Fire Chief's Office.
          6.  Section  2  shall  be  completed by the Fire Department
              Mechanic or other member who corrects the problem.
          7.  Section  2  shall  include date, time, and individual's
              name taking corrective action.
          8.  The  completed form shall then be forwarded to the Fire
              Chief's Office.  The copy shall then be re- moved  from
              the  suspense  file  and  shall be filed along with the
      H.  The  Fire  Battalion  Chief,  in coordination with the Fire
          Department Mechanic, shall make the necessary  arrangements
          to  provide  replacement  or  repairs  for  lost or damaged
          equipment and/or apparatus.
      I.  The  Fire  Department  Mechanic shall repair and/or replace
          any damaged equipment and/or apparatus.


      A.  All  personnel shall be responsible for completing CFD Form
          #l0 when applicable.
      B.  The   Fire   Department   Executive   Secretary   shall  be
          responsible for maintaining the  suspense  file  and  shall
          notify  the  Fire Chief or designee of any problem still on
          file ten (l0) days after submission (holidays and  weekends
      C.  The  Fire  Department  Mechanic  shall  be  responsible for
          correcting problems and completing forms.


      A.  All forms on items that cannot be corrected within ten (l0)
          days shall automatically move up ten (l0)  days  each  time
          they appear in suspense file.
      B.  This automatic move-up every ten (l0) days shall be done in
          order to insure follow-up.

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