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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Ride Along Policy
Code: 1-IV-12
Revised: 6-10-96


      To   establish   the  necessary  criteria  and  procedures  for
      authorizing ride-alongs on Fire Department emergency vehicles.

12.02 POLICY

      A.  Authorized  ride-alongs  must  meet one of the below listed
          criteria  and  must  have  completed   the   below   listed
      B.  Special  requests  for ride-alongs which do not meet any of
          the listed criteria may be approved by the Fire Chief.


      A.  The rider must be sixteen (l6) years of age or older.
      B.  Members of the Fire Fighters Explorers Post may ride at age
          l6, but may not enter a fire scene until age l8.
      C.  Anyone  who  is not a member of a volunteer company or paid
          Fire  Department  shall  not  participate  in  fire  ground
      D.  Participants  shall  not  be  permitted  to  ride apparatus
          during any type of training exercise  with  one  exception:
          participants  shall  be  permitted to ride apparatus during
          driver training exercises.


      A.  A  written request for ride-alongs will be submitted to the
          Charlottesville Fire Department (see attached).
      B.  All  participants  must  complete  a Liability Release Form
          (CFD Form #36) before taking part in the program.
      C.  Participants  under  the age of eighteen (18) must submit a
          written release signed by a parent or guardian.
      D.  Riding  assignments  shall be left to the discretion of the
          Officer-In-Charge on whose shift the participant  plans  to
          ride.    Members  of  the  Charlottesville  Volunteer  Fire
          Company shall have priority for space.
      E.  The  Officer-In-Charge  shall  assign  an  escort  for  the
          participant in the ride-along  program  for  each  tour  of
          l.  Escorts  would  be responsible to show the participants
              around the station and explain to them the basic  rules
              and regulations of the department.
          2.  Escorts  shall  show the participants to their assigned
              place to ride and explain  to  them  the  procedure  to
              follow during an alarm.
          3.  On  the  fire  ground, the ride-along participants, who
              are not members of  a  volunteer  or  paid  department,
              shall  stay  with  the piece of apparatus to which they
              are assigned.  In this situation  the  Operators  shall
              act as escorts.
      F.  Participants   who  are  not  members  of  a  fire  service
          organization shall follow this procedure.
          l.  Shall  apply at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance
              for the approval of the Officer-In-Charge.
          2.  Participants shall not be allowed to ride more than one
              (l) time every six (6) months unless otherwise approved
              by the Deputy Fire Chief or the Fire Chief, in writing.
          3.  On  the  fire  ground,  these participants shall remain
              with the piece of apparatus to which they are assigned.
      G.  All participants in this program shall follow the rules and
          regulations as established by the Chief of the Department.

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