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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Time System
Code: 1-IV-14
Revised: 6-10-96


      To  establish  the  time system utilized by the Charlottesville
      Fire Department thus providing continuity of time notation with
      the Fire Department.

l4.02 POLICY

      A.  The  time  system  utilized  by  the  Charlottesville  Fire
          Department shall be twenty-four (24) hour military time.
      B.  Any  required  notation of time on Fire Department records,
          reports or communications  shall  be  written  in  military
      C.  The  punch card time clock in the Alarm Office will be used
          as the official time recording device for all entries  that
          are to be recorded in the Station Journal and Radio Log.
      D.  The  clock  in the lounge at Station #1 will be used as the
          time recording device  for  Station  #1's  Station  Journal
          entries  such as times personnel report for work, leave and
          return to quarters, etc.  This clock shall be  synchronized
          with the clock at Headquarters.


      A.  Midnight shall be written as 2400.
      B.  One minute after midnight is written as 000l.
      C.  The  Charlottesville  Fire  Department  shall  utilize  the
          Charlottesville-Albemarle airport FAA Control Tower as  our
          time reference.

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