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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Training Policy
Code: 1-IV-19
Revised: 6-10-96


      A.  To  provide  a  continuous and progressive training program
          which will enable Fire Department personnel to provide  the
          highest possible level of service to the community.
      B.  To  facilitate the acquisition and development of knowledge
          and skills  necessary  for  Fire  Department  personnel  to
          professionally fulfill their duty to the public.
      C.  To  provide  continuous reinforcement and monitoring of the
          necessary skill and knowledge  levels  of  Fire  Department

l9.02 POLICY

      A.  The  Fire Department shall provide a regular and continuous
          standardized training program to its members.
      B.  The  Fire  Department  shall  provide standardized training
          references and materials made available for the use of  its
          members  in  conjunction  with the Fire Department training
      C.  All  Fire  Department members shall participate in the Fire
          Department training program relative to their position  and
          classification within the Department.


      A.  To  provide policy relative to the Fire Department training
      B.  To  list  the responsibilities of the various levels of the
          Fire Department relative to training.
      C.  To  list the minimum training program requirements in terms
          of required training hours per month.


      A.  The  authority  and  responsibility  for  the  adoption and
          approval of various training requirements shall  be  vested
          in the Fire Chief.
      B.  The  Deputy  Fire  Chief,  in  collaboration  with the Fire
          Battalion Chiefs, shall be responsible for:
          l.  Evaluation of training program content.
          2.  Evaluate continuity of training between shifts.
          3.  Development of yearly training schedule.
          4.  Continuity of training between City of Charlottesville
              Fire Department and other agencies.
          5.  Work  in  close  conjunction  with the Shift Battalion
              Captains in matters relating to training.
          6.  Scheduling recruit training.
          7.  Providing all necessary support and assistance to the
              Shift Battalion Captains relative to training matters.
          8.  Arranging for and scheduling special training sessions.
      C.  Shift Battalion Captains are responsible for the following:
          l.  Evaluate   the   training  needs  of  their  respective
          2.  Coordinate  with  the respective company officers under
              their  supervision  relative  to  training  needs   and
          3.  Coordinate with the Platoon Training Officer in matters
              related to training.
          4.  Provide   overall  management  and  guidance  to  their
              respective platoons in matters relating to training.
      D.  Company Officers are responsible for the following:
          l.  Monitoring training needs of their respective personnel
              and other  personnel  who  may  be  assigned  to  their
          2.  Coordinating with their respective Platoon Training
              Officer in matters relating to training.
          3.  Scheduling routine monthly training sessions and
              drills for their respective company.
          4.  Conducting and/or assigning routine training sessions
              and drills for their respective company.
      E.  All   Fire   Department   members   are   responsible   for
          participating in Fire Department  training  activities  and
          for   maintaining   personal  and  professional  competence
          relative to the skill  and  knowledge  levels  required  of
          their  respective  classification  and  position within the


      A.  Training  records  shall  be  processed  and  maintained in
          accordance with l-VII-23 of the Operations Manual.
      B.  The  various training subjects shall receive a alphabetical
          code for the purposes of record keeping.  Said alphabetical
          code  shall  be the same as is indicated in l-VII-23 of the
          Operations Manual.


      The  following  section identifies the minimum required amounts
      of training time  for  the  various  general  training  program
      A.  A minimum of twenty (20) hours of training are required per
          person per month.
      B.  The training program consists of the following areas:
          l.  Recruit training.
              a.  NFPA Standard l00l
                  l.  F.F. I, II
              b.  Dispatcher Training
                  l.  In-house program.
          2.  In-Service Training
              a.  In-service classes.
              b.  Streets and hydrants.
          3.  Company Training
              a.  Company training classes.
              b.  Evolution drills.
              c.  Drivers training.
          4.  Outside Training
              a.  College level training.
              b.  Non-departmental training

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