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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Minimum Staffing Policy
Code: 1-IV-20
Revised: 6-10-96


      To  provide  a policy establishing the minimum level of on-duty
      staffing for the purpose of responding to alarms  and  carrying
      out other fire suppression duties.

20.02 POLICY

      A.  The  minimum  number  of on-duty personnel for all stations
          shall not be less than seventeen (17) members including one
          (1)  Dispatcher and four (4) officers.  During the Dispatch
          Power Shift (Monday through Friday), minimum manning  shall
          be  eighteen  (18)  including two (2) Dispatchers and four
          officers.   (See  20.05  -  Miscellaneous,  Section  C  for
      B.  The  Headquarters  Station  shall not have less than eleven
          (11) members including  one  (1)  Dispatcher  and  two  (2)
      C.  The  Number  One  Station shall not have less than four (4)
          members including one (l) officer.
      D.  Station  Number  10  shall  have  not  less than three (3)
          members including one (1) officer
      E.  Guidelines   for   hiring   additional  staffing  shall
          be established (see 1-IV-21).


      A.  The  ranking  officer  on  duty at the Headquarters Station
          shall have the authority to hire  sufficient  personnel  in
          order  to  maintain minimum staffing standards as specified
          in Section 20.02.
      B.  Any  time  it  is necessary to call off-duty personnel back
          for duty and there is an officer in Headquarters, it  shall
          be  the  responsibility  of  that  officer to make the call
          backs(s) and not that of the Dispatchers.  When no officers
          are  present,  the  call  back(s)  shall  be  made  by  the
      C.  It  shall  be  the  duty  of  the ranking officer or acting
          officer at the Number One Station and Station Number 10  to
          promptly  notify  the Officer-In-Charge at the Headquarters
          Station in the event that a sufficient number of  personnel
          fail to report for duty.
      D.  The  authority also applies in the event of sickness, other
          approved emergency  absences,  or  removal  from  duty  for
          disciplinary reasons.


      A.  It shall be the responsibility of the Officer-In- Charge at
          each Station to insure, before leaving a tour of duty, that
          the  minimum  number of members are present for duty on the
          following shift.
      B.  The  Deputy  Fire  Chief  has  overall  responsibility  for
          insuring that departmental policy  is  followed  concerning
          minimum staffing levels of the on-duty suppression forces.
      C.  The  Officers-In-Charge  are responsible for scheduling and
          assignment of on-duty personnel.


      A.  Personnel  who  are called back for duty will be paid for a
          minimum of three (3) hours at 1 1/2 times their hourly rate
          (except  Fire Battalion Captains and Fire Battalion Chiefs)
          regardless of whether or not they remain on duty the entire
          three  (3)  hours.   Personnel may be assigned to carry out
          whatever   task(s)   needed   as    determined    by    the
      B.  If  for  any  reason  any  problem  arises, the Officer-In-
          Charge of Headquarters Station shall immediately notify the
          chief officer on-duty.
      C.  Minimum staffing levels will be as follows:
          1.  Battalion  Chief  and/or  Battalion  Captain  on-duty -
              minimum staffing shall be 17  on-duty  shift  personnel
              including a dispatcher.
          2.  Battalion  Chief  and/or  Battalion  Captain  on-duty -
              minimum officer staffing shall be 4 on-duty.
          3.  Staff  personnel  are  not  counted  in minimum manning
      D.  An  exception to the minimum staffing standards can be made
          for such purposes as:
          1.  Emergency  at  home  or  sickness involving a member of
              their family.
          2.  One member from each station will be allowed to pick up
          3.  Appointments with doctors or dentists.
          4.  Personal    reasons    at   the   discretion   of   the
      E.  Before any member leaves duty for any reason, it must first
          be cleared with the Fire Battalion Captain,  Fire  Captain,
          or  acting  officer  in  charge  of that members respective
          station or place of duty.

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