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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Hiring of Additional Staff
Code: 1-IV-21
Revised: 6-10-96


      A.  To  establish  guidelines relative to the maintenance of an
          extra-duty roster of shift personnel.
      B.  To  insure the continuity of hiring practices and to insure
          that all personnel are given the  same  consideration  when
          being hired for minimum staffing purposes.

21.02 POLICY

      A.  This  policy  shall apply when it becomes necessary to hire
          on-duty suppression personnel for another tour of duty,  or
          part thereof, for the purpose of minimum staffing.
      B.  A list of personnel by platoon and seniority to include all
          stations will be maintained by each Fire Battalion  Captain
          at  Headquarters Station.  Fire Battalion Captains and Fire
          Battalion Chiefs are excluded.
      C.  Each   platoon's   roster   will   be   maintained  by  the
          Headquarters Fire Battalion Captain in a  secure  location.
          Upon  request, the roster will be made available for review
          by any member of the department.
      D.  It  will  be the responsibility of the individual hired for
          minimum staffing purposes  under  the  provisions  of  this
          Manual   to   notify   their   Fire  Battalion  Captain  or
          Officer-In-Charge of the period  worked  so  that  relative
          information can be posted on the extra duty roster.
      E.  When  an  individual is transferred to another platoon, all
          pertinent information relative to extra duty periods worked
          by  that individual will be forwarded to the Fire Battalion
          Captain of the platoon to which  the  individual  is  being
      F.  Credit  for  working  extra duty as established within this
          policy is not transferable to another individual.
      G.  A duty list will be maintained by each shift.
      H.  The hiring from one rank to fill a position of another rank
          will not be permitted.
      I.  It may normally be expected that an individual would not be
          required to be on duty for more than three (3)  consecutive
          twenty-four  (24)  hour work days; however, a situation may
          arise when an individual might be required to  be  on  duty
          longer  than  three  (3) consecutive twenty- four (24) hour
      J.  An individual who is hired for extra duty has the option to
          work the full three (3) hours to receive credit for working
          extra  even  though  the  individual is no longer needed to
          meet minimum staffing requirements.
      K.  Any individual hired after 0701 hours will be hired as call
          back, even if the individual is still in the building,  and
          will be subject to the 1 1/2 time rate as well as the three
          (3) hour minimum pay standard.  Personnel  who  are  called
          back  for duty do not have to work a three (3) hour minimum
          and  may  be  released  from  duty  at  any  time  by   the
          Officer-In-Charge.   If  an  individual  wishes to work the
          minimum three (3) hours in order to remove their name  from
          the  extra  duty list, they may do so only after discussing
          the matter with the Officer-In-Charge.
      L.  Any  time  it  becomes necessary to call off-duty personnel
          back for duty and there is an officer in  Headquarters,  it
          shall  be  the  responsibility  of that officer to make the
          call back(s).  If there is no  officer  present,  the  call
          back(s) shall be made by the Dispatcher.


      A.  When  an  additional  Fire Fighter is required to work, the
          Officer-In-Charge shall refer to the extra duty roster.
      B.  The  Fire  Fighter  who is to work shall be determined from
          the extra duty roster by:
          l.  Individual with least seniority.
          2.  Least number of times worked.
          3.  Oldest date last worked.
      C.  The individual fulfilling the above formula most accurately
          shall be required to work.
      D.  When  an  additional  Fire  Fighter  is  required  to  work
          overtime, the selection process will be as follows:
          l.  The  individual  scheduled  for  duty shall be asked to
              work, and if the individual agrees to work,  then  that
              counts as that members turn.
          2.  If  the  scheduled individual prefers to pass, then the
              individual may get someone to volunteer in their place.
          3.  If no one volunteers, then the individual scheduled for
              duty shall be required to work.
      E.  When  the  individual  at  the  top of the list works for a
          minimum of three (3) hours regardless of whether the member
          volunteers  or  is required, the date of extra duty will be
          listed adjacent to that individuals name.
      F.  If  the  individual  scheduled  cannot perform the job, the
          next individual on the list that can perform the job  shall
          be  selected;  however,  the  individual  passed over shall
          still remain at the top of the list.


      A.  The individual scheduled may get someone else to work their
          tour, or any part thereof,  provided  the  replacement  can
          perform the same job.
      B.  When  the  duty  tour is to be split, the following must be
          adhered to:
          1.  The  Officer-In-Charge  on  duty  will be contacted and
              authorize the tour split.
          2.  The  Officer-In-Charge on duty shall be notified of the
              request to split the duty tour at least four (4)  hours
              prior  to the tour split, except when the tour split is
              to take place at the shift change, normally 0700 hours.
          3.  No  more than two (2) individuals may split any one (1)
              duty position.
          4.  Individuals  working  a  split  duty tour shall receive
              credit on the  Officer-In-Charge's  extra  duty  roster
              provided all other requirements of this policy are met.
          5.  Individuals  working a split duty tour will be paid for
              the period worked.


      A.  Volunteer and seniority procedures are excluded.
      B.  The  Officer-In-Charge shall utilize whatever technology is
          available to contact off-duty personnel  for  hiring  after
          0700  hours.   Available  technology means, but not limited
          to:  telephone, telephone pager, fire department pager,  AM
          and/or FM public radio, televison, etc.


      A.  A  special  event  shall  be  considered an activity of any
          company other than an emergency response.  These activities
          shall   include,  but  not  limited  to,  fire  prevention,
          demonstrations, public education, standbys, etc.
      B.  The  procedure for hiring personnel to cover special events
          shall be as follows:
          1.  If hiring for a special event requires four (4) persons
              or less, the hire back procedures for minimum  staffing
              shall apply.
          2.  If  it  is  necessary  to  hire back more than four (4)
              persons to cover staffing  for  a  special  event,  the
              Officer-In-Charge  shall  start  at  the  top  of their
              respective Extra Duty List and hire back the number  of
              people  necessary  to cover the event.  Personnel shall
              be hired in order from the Extra  Duty  List,  with  no
              option not to work.


          1.  Tour  of  duty:  Starting and ending time as determined
              at the time of hiring.
          2.  Continuous duty:  Duty continuing due to an incident in
              progress, up to 3  hours,  which  does  not  allow  the
              firefighter  to leave at the scheduled time (supersedes
              memo dated 9  March  1994,  Continuous  duty  vs.  Hire
          3.  Hold   Over:   Members  will  not  be  compensated  for
              overtime for any time less than thirty-one (31) minutes
              if  he/she  is required to hold over.  If on a call and
              an individual works past their shift change (0700)  and
              the overtime is 30 minutes or less, no overtime will be
              paid.  However, at 31 minutes after the hour,  overtime
              will  begin  and  will  be  picked up beginning at 0700
              hours (Overtime Policy, 1-V-4, 4.02 Policy, E, dated 10
              June 1996).
          4.  Minimum  staffing:   The  number of personnel necessary
              for an emergency response of department apparatus (Hire
              Back  Policy,  1-IV-21,  21.02 Policy, B, dated 10 June

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