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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Tuition Reimbursement
Code: 1-IV-22
Revised: 6-10-96


      To provide policy and guidelines relative to
      tuition/educational assistance.

22.02 POLICY

      A.  Courses  for which educational assistance is requested must
          relate directly to the employee's present  job  or  benefit
          his/her  immediate  career development and which are likely
          to increase his/her value to the City.
      B.  Courses  must be taken from an accredited college, business
          school,  trade  school,  or  correspondence  school.   This
          policy  also  provides  for  educational  assistance of the
          costs of taking special qualifying examinations such as the
          GED or trade and professional certifications.
      C.  Educational  assistance  may  be  applied  for to cover the
          costs of tuition and reasonable fees.
      D.  The  amount  of educational assistance is determined by the
          Department of Personnel each fiscal year.
      E.  To  be  eligible  for  educational assistance, the employee
          must  have  been  continuously  employed  by  the  City  of
          Charlottesville  for  at least one (l) year and must have a
          good record as shown by their performance evaluation.
      F.  Any  non-permanent  employee  or any employee that has been
          with the City for less than one (l) year may participate in
          the  educational  assistance program with approval from the
          Fire Chief.


      A.  To  apply,  the  employee  must obtain and fill out two (2)
          copies of the Education  Assistance  Application  and  have
          both  copies  signed by the Fire Chief or his/her designate
          and the Director of Personnel prior to the beginning of the
      B.  The  City  of  Charlottesville offers its employees two (2)
          types of educational assistance.  The first is one in which
          the  city  reimburses  the  employee  upon  the  successful
          completion (grade of C or better) of the class; the  second
          choice  is  one  in  which  the City pays for the course in
          advance.  If the employee fails  to  successfully  complete
          the  course  (with  a  grade of C or better), the city will
          deduct that amount from the employees paycheck.
      C.  To  receive  the  tuition  reimbursement, the employee must
          present to the Personnel Department these items:
          l.  Some   evidence  of  satisfactory  performance  in  the
              approved course:
              a.  An instructor's statement for Vo-Tech class.
              b.  Proof  of a grade of "C" or above in under-graduate
                  or business school work.
              c.  Proof of a grade of "B" or above in graduate school
          2.  The  receipt  given  to  the  employee when tuition was
      D.  To  keep the tuition repayment, the employee must stay with
          the City  government  for  at  least  one  (l)  year  after
          completing  the  course.   If  the employee leaves the City
          government within a year of completion of the  course,  the
          amount  of  the  tuition  repayment must be refunded to the

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