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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Use Of City Vehicles
Code: 1-IV-24
Revised: 6-10-96


      To  provide policy and guidelines for the proper and authorized
      use of City vehicles.

24.02 POLICY

      A.  City vehicles are authorized for City business only.
      B.  City  vehicles are not to be utilized for personal errands,
          business, etc.
      C.  City  vehicles  involved  in accidents while being used for
          personal business, errands, etc., shall not  be  considered
          covered  by  City  liability insurance.  The driver of said
          vehicle shall be held responsible for property  damage  and
          bodily injury claims.
      D.  City  vehicles  can  be used for transportation when making
          presentations or conducting demonstrations.
      E.  City  vehicles  are  not  to  be used for transportation to
          schools of any kind.
      F.  City  vehicles  will  not be used for business trips of any
          kind unless authorized by the Fire  Chief  or  Deputy  Fire
      G.  After  personnel  have  reported  for  duty  and  then  are
          required to pull duty  at  other  than  their  normal  duty
          station, may (if available) be transported via a department
          light vehicle.  Department light vehicles  are  not  to  be
          taken to Station Number One or Station Number Ten and left.
          All light vehicles are to be kept at  Headquarters  Station
          for availability reasons.
      H.  Personnel  who have been permanently assigned a vehicle are
          exempt from the provisions of this policy.
      I.  Fire   Department   members  using  a  City  vehicle  while
          operating  as  a  Chief  Officer  shall  follow  the   same
          guidelines  established  for members permanently assigned a
      J.  Any  deviation  from  the provisions of this policy by Fire
          Department personnel  must  be  authorized  through  proper

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