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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Fire Alarm Office Policy
Code: 1-IV-27
Revised: 6-10-96


      To establish rules and regulations relative to the operation of
      the Fire Alarm Office.

27.02 POLICY

      A.  Fire Alarm Office shall be defined as room number 101-B.
      B.  There  shall not be more than three (3) persons in the Fire
          Alarm  Office  at  any  one  time,   with   the   following
          exceptions,  in  which  case  these individuals will not be
          counted as one of the three.
          1.  Chief Officers.
          2.  Communications Officer.
          3.  Officer-In-Charge on duty.
      C.  The  Fire  Alarm  Office is classified as a restricted area
          and will not be open to all personnel at their discretion.
      D.  The  following  personnel will have free access to the Fire
          Alarm Office at all times.
          1.  Chief Officers.
          2.  Communications Officer.
          3.  Officer-In-Charge on duty.
          4.  Dispatcher on duty.
          5.  Fire  Captains on duty, if assisting one or more
              of the above.
          6.  Any officer connected with the operation of the
      E.  Other department personnel may be allowed access if
          they are:
          1.  Dispatching.
          2.  Assisting the on-duty Dispatcher.
          3.  In training.
          4.  Showing interested parties through the office.
          5.  On watch.
          6.  Assigned for any reason by a Chief Officer, the
              on-duty Officer-In-Charge, or the Communications
      F.  Fire  Department  personnel shall also be excluded from the
          area in front of the glass enclosure or  entrance  area  of
          Central Fire Headquarters.
      G.  All visitors to the Fire Alarm Office must be escorted by a
          member of the department.
      H.  The Fire Alarm Office television will be operated under the
          following regulations.
          1.  Volume will be turned low.
          2.  Volume will be turned off during radio
          3.  Will be turned off when groups are touring the
          4.  Television  will  not  be permitted between 0800
              and 1700 hours, Monday  through  Friday,  unless
              The  Weather  Channel  is being monitored. There
              are  no  time  restrictions  for  weekends   and
          5.  The above also applies to commercial radios.
          6.  Exception:  Restrictions may be lifted to view fire
              educational videos when approved by the Personnel
              Support Officer or the Officer-In-Charge.
      I.  There will be no:
          1.  Eating or drinking utensiles allowed on the
          2.  Food or beverages allowed on the console.
          3.  Newspaper, magazines, etc., left lying on the
              console or around the Fire Alarm Office.

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