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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Battalion Chief's/Captain's/Lieutenants Office Policy
Code: 1-IV-28
Revised: 6-10-96


      To  establish rules and regulations relative to the security of
      the Battalion Chief's, Battalion Captain's and Captains's

28.02 POLICY

      A.  The  Battalion  Chiefs',  Battalion Captains', and the Fire
          Captains' Offices shall not be used as a personnel  lounge,
          but for station business only.
      B.  Use  of  the phone in any of the above offices shall not be
          permitted  for  personal  reasons  except  with  the   Fire
          Battalion Chief's or Fire Battalion Captain's permission.
      C.  The Battalion Chiefs' and Battalion Captains' Offices shall
          be cleaned each morning by the shift personnel on duty.
      E.  The  Captains'  office  at  Headquarters  Station  shall be
          cleaned between the hours of 1900 and 1930  by  either  the
          Dispatcher on duty or the individual on watch.
      F.  The  Captains's  Office  at  Station  One  shall be cleaned
          each morning by the personnel assigned to clean downstairs.
      G.  See also 2-I-2.

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