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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Evolution Policy
Code: 1-IV-33
Revised: 6-10-96


      The  purpose  of  the  scheduled company evolution drills is to
      establish departmental standards in fire ground operations.

33.02 POLICY

      A.  Evolutions shall be scheduled and completed by each shift.
      B.  Fire  Captains will schedule the evolutions and oversee the
          results  so  as  to  identify  company  and/or   individual
      C.  Fire   Captains   will  address  deficient  procedures  and
          establish shift/company training to correct deficiencies.
      D.  All  personnel  will  abide  by  the procedures as outlined
          regarding evolution drills.


      It will be the responsibility of each Fire Suppression
      Division Captain to insure that these evolution drills
      are run as scheduled.  It will also be the responsibility
      of each Fire Suppression Division Captain to see that the
      personnel under him are aware of and familiar with all of
      these evolution drills.
      1.  The Fire Suppression Captains will review all the evolution
          procedures with their personnel to insure understanding  of
          the  purpose  and  the  procedures  by  everyone.   If  any
          questions  arise  that  cannot  be   explained   from   the
          information  contained  in  this  policy,  the  question(s)
          should be forwarded to the Personnel Support  Division  for


      A.  Each  suppression  company, on each shift, has a minimum of
          eight (8) single company, four (4) multi-company,  and  two
          (2)  night  evolution  drills  of  three  (3)  hours  each,
          scheduled during each calendar year, 1 January  through  31
      B.  After  a  period of time, it is expected that all personnel
          in the Suppression Division be capable of performing  these
          evolutions satisfactorily.
      C.  A  copy  of  the completed evolution performance evaluation
          form will be forwarded to the Personnel Support Division on
          each evolution run.
      D.  From  time  to  time,  the  Personnel Support Division will
          conduct  timed  evolution  spot   checks   and   send   the
          Suppression Captain a copy the drill evolution.
      E.  From  time  to  time,  the  Personnel Support Division will
          conduct individual  skills  evolutions  to  evaluate  skill
          levels and to evaluate the training program.
      F.  For  reasons  of  personal  health and operation readiness,
          evolution drills will be conducted within  the  temperature
          ranges  of 40 degrees F. and 85 degrees F.  During the warm
          weather months, drills should be conducted in  the  morning
          when  temperatures are cooler.  During cold weather months,
          afternoons would probably be better suited  for  conducting


      A.  Standard  times  will  be developed for each evolution from
          the  evolution  drills.   Once  these   times   have   been
          established,  each  company will be expected to perform the
          evolutions within the  standard  time  developed  for  each
          evolution.   Companies  that  cannot  perform  the standard
          evolutions  within  the  established  time  limit  will  be
          re-scheduled at a later date.
          Exception:  During  the  months  that  the Platoon Training
                      personnel conduct evolutions, and  there  is  a
                      logical and acceptable reason for a drill going
                      overtime,  an  explanation  on  the   evolution
                      evaluation   is   sufficient.    Example:   New
                      apparatus operator.
      B.  More  than three (3) errors committed in an evolution drill
          may cause termination of that drill and re-scheduling at  a
          later date.
      C.  Deviation   from   accepted   safety  practices  may  cause
          termination of that particular drill and re-scheduling at a
          later date.


      All evolution drills will be documented.  The complete standard
      and documented drill reports will  be  reviewed  and  evaluated
      yearly  by  the  Personnel  Support Division and the department
      standards will be upgraded if necessary.


      A.  Standard  times  will developed for individual companies in
          certain task performance areas listed below:
          1.  Ground  ladder  raises  - Carries and raises covered in
              IFSTA manuals.
              a.  Engine and Truck Companies
          2.  Donning   of   SCBA  -  Pre-mounted  (buddy-seats)  and
              unmounted (out of box) and arming of PASS units.
              a.  All Personnel
          3.  Rescue operations with Stokes Litter Basket.
              a.  Truck Company Personnel
          4.  Setting up for master stream operations
              a.  Engine and Truck Companies
          5.  Advancement of hose line through upper floor window via
              a.  All Personnel
          6.  Setting up for deluge set operations in street.
              a.  Engine Company Personnel
          7.  Setting up for foam application operations.
              a.  Engine and Truck Companies
      B.  Self-contained  breathing  apparatus  will  be  worn by all
          company personnel  with  the  exception  of  the  apparatus
          operators  while  performing  drill  evolutions for company
          standards.   Personnel  working  in  simulated  hostile  or
          hostile environments will use SCBA's.
      C.  Engine  Operators  will  exhibit  good safety practices and
          pump all discharge lines at correct pressures.
      D.  Aerial  Operators  will  exhibit  good safety practices and
          will operate aerial ladder within safety limitations as set
          by manufacturer.
      E.  All  other  company  personnel will perform necessary tasks
          referenced in evolutions exhibiting good safety practices.
      F.  All  companies  are  reminded  that  the  purpose  of these
          evolutions drills is to ensure that company operations,  on
          the  fire  ground,  are  performed with a maximum degree of
          proficiency and not to develop competition or  an  on-going
          rivalry between shifts or companies.
      G.  Only  companies  involved in the evolution are to be in the
          area of the Structural Training Building  during  evolution
          drills.   The  hazing  of  companies  performing  evolution
          drills will not be permitted or tolerated.
      H.  The  on-duty  Officer-In-Charge,  shift  training  officer,
          Departmental Staff, and all  Chief  Officers  are  excluded
          from compliance with the previous statement.


      A.  Each  company  will  hold  eight (8), three (3) hour single
          company drills per year, as scheduled at the Fire  Training
      B.  Each  company  will  hold four (4), three (3) hour multiple
          company drills per year, as scheduled, at the Fire Training
      C.  Each company will hold two (2), three (3) hour night drills
          per year, during the hours of darkness,  as  scheduled,  at
          the Fire Training Center.
      D.  All  company  personnel,  with  the  exception of Apparatus
          Operators, will wear full turn-out gear, including  SCBA's,
          during  the  performance  of  evolution  drills.  Apparatus
          Operators will wear full turn-out gear with  the  exception
          of  SCBA,  except  on  EMS  and Hazardous Materials related
          evolutions.   All  Company  personnel  entering  fire  area
          (building)  will  use SCBA's as they would normally do when
          either attacking a fire or  performing  search  and  rescue
          procedures in a hostile environment.
      E.  Good  and  sound  safety  practices  are  to be used in all
          drills.    Accidents   occurring   during   company   drill
          evolutions  are  to be followed up with a written report to
          the Personnel Support  Division  as  to  why  the  accident
          occurred,  personnel  injured  in  the  accident,  and what
          caused the accident.  Unsafe practices noted  during  timed
          evolution   drills   conducted  by  the  Personnel  Support
          Division may cause immediate termination of the  drill  and
          re-scheduling at a later date.
      F.  Drill Explanation - Evolution   drills   will   consist  of
                              practical hands on training in:
          1.  The pulling of pre-connected hose lines.
          2.  The  advancement  of  hose  attack  lines  on  live and
              simulated fires.
          3.  The different raises and carries of all ground ladders.
          4.  The use of small tools and forcible entry tools.
          5.  The climbing of ladders, both ground and aerial.
          6.  The utilization of foam equipment.
          7.  Apparatus practices, both pumper and aerial.
          8.  The setting up and use of master stream appliances.
          9.  The standard rappelling procedure.
         10.  The standard rescue procedures using stokes, ladders,
              rappelling, trenching, confined space techniques, etc.
         11.  The use of portable lighting equipment, generators, and
              Circle D lights.
         12.  The standard water supply operations, relaying water.
         13.  The pumper operations both at the hydrant and at draft.
         14.  The laying of hose lines for water supply.
         15.  The use of the K-12 Power Saw and Chain Saw.
         16.  The   operational  utilization  of  Ventilation  1  and
              positive pressure ventilation techniques.
         17.  The  utilization  of any combination of the above tasks
              in the utilization of departmental standard  evolutions
              as listed.
      Certain  companies  may  have  more  drills  scheduled  in  the
      asterisk designated categories.  This  was  done  in  order  to
      accommodate  the  attack  companies  in the completion of their
      assigned drills with evolutions  normally  used  in  fireground

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