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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Annual Inspection
Code: 1-IV-36
Revised: 6-10-96


      To  establish  guidelines  for  a  formalized inspection of all
      suppression personnel.

36.02 POLICY

      A.  To  implement an organized and formal biannual in- spection
          of the fire suppression forces.
      B.  The biannual inspection of the fire suppression force shall
          occur during the first week in January  and  July  of  each
      C.  Fire  suppression  forces  shall  be  apprised of the exact
          dates and times of the forthcoming inspection not less than
          two (2) weeks in advance.

36.03 SCOPE

      A.  The  biannual  inspection  shall  affect all members of the
          Charlottesville Fire Department.
      B.  The  biannual  inspection  is  intended  to  be  a positive
          evaluation of the fire suppression force in  terms  of  the
          maintenance of protective clothing and uniforms.  It is not
          intended to be an avenue of trivial criticism focusing on
          any individual member, unit, company, or shift.


      A.  Fire  Battalion  Chiefs  are  responsible to provide timely
          notification  to  their   commands   of   the   forthcoming
          inspection dates and times.
      B.  Officers-In-Charge are responsible to coordinate with their
          company officers and with each other on matters  concerning
          the preparation for the inspection.
      C.  Company  Officers  are  responsible  for  coordinating with
          their counterparts and with the members under their command
          to prepare for the inspection.
      D.  All  members  shall cooperate and assist in preparation for
          the inspection.
      E.  All  members  are  responsible  for  the  completeness  and
          condition of the unfiorm and protective clothing which they
          have been issued.


      A.  Uniforms (basic uniform clothing issue)
          l.  Complete dress uniforms.
          2.  Complete working uniforms.


      A.  The  biannual inspection of each shift shall be conducted
          by the Fire Chief and/or the  Deputy  Fire  Chief  and  the
          Shift Fire Battalion Chief.
      B.  Each  shift shall be apprised in advance of the exact dates
          and times reserved for the inspection.
      C.  The  Officer-In-Charge,  the Company Officer, and all other
          members of the shift shall be in dress uniform  during  the
      D.  On  the day of the inspection, Company Officers shall cause
          the members of their command to change into  dress  uniform
          prior to the arrival of the inspection party.
      E.  Members  shall display their "Basic Uniform Clothing Issue"
          (see 1-IV-3) on their respective bunks  in  a  uniform  and
          neat manner.
      F.  Members  shall  display  their  full  issue  of  protective
          clothing next to their position on the apparatus  to  which
          they are assigned.
      G.  When  requested to do so, members shall stand next to their
          respective uniform and protective clothing issues  as  they
          are being inspected by the inspection party.
      H.  The  inspection  party  shall  inspect the various areas of
          concern and provide the  Company  Officer  with  a  written
          report  of their findings no later than two (2) weeks after

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