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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Jury Duty
Code: 1-IV-7
Revised: 6-10-96


      A.  To   establish   Fire   Department  policy  and  procedures
          concerning jury duty.
      B.  To  provide a means of keeping the Fire Department informed
          as to the status concerning any member who may be  required
          to serve as a juror.

7.02  POLICY

      A.  The  Fire  Department shall operate in accordance with City
          of Charlottesville policies and procedures concerning  jury
      B.  Members  shall notify their direct supervisor and submit to
          same a copy of the notice requiring  them  to  serve  as  a
      C.  Members  shall  be  entitled to a leave of absence with pay
          while on jury duty and may accept a jury fee.
      D.  The Deputy Fire Chief shall be informed through channels of
          Fire Department  members  who  are  required  to  serve  as


      All  members are responsible to make proper notification to the
      department if they receive notice to serve on jury duty.


      A.  Either  the  Fire Battalion Chief or the Officer-In- Charge
          shall forward the jury notice to the Deputy Fire Chief.
      B.  A Request for Leave of Absence shall be processed.
      C.  The  Officer-In-Charge  shall  coordinate  and  provide the
          necessary on-duty coverage.
      D.  The  involved  member  shall  keep  his  or  her supervisor
          informed as to any information or changes that  may  effect
          Fire Department scheduling.
      E.  The  member  may  receive  a  jury  fee  in accordance with
          established policy (see Policy 7.02).

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