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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: IV - General Administration
Subject: Citizen Accidents - City Property
Code: 1-IV-9
Revised: 6-10-96


      To  provide  Fire Department members with guidelines concerning
      citizen accidents and injuries which occur on City property.

9.02  POLICY

      A.  Private  citizens  who are injured in accidents which occur
          on City property shall receive immediate medical attention.
      B.  The  Fire  Battalion  Chief  and Deputy Fire Chief shall be
          promptly notified of any  citizen  accidents  occurring  on
          Fire Department property.
      C.  No   Fire  Department  employee  shall  sign  or  make  any
          statement admitting City liability.
      D.  The   incident   shall   be   promptly   referred   to  the
          Charlottesville City Attorney's Office.

9.03  SCOPE

      Includes  all  citizen  injuries  occurring on City property or
      involved in accidents with City employees or on property  under
      the control of City employees.


      A.  All  Fire  Department  members  who observe or are involved
          with citizen injuries falling  within  the  scope  of  this
          policy  shall  take  initiative  action  and act within the
          guidelines of this policy.
      B.  The  Fire  Battalion Chief, Deputy Fire Chief or Fire Chief
          shall contact the City Attorney.


      A.  Administer  emergency  medical  care  as  is  necessary and
      B.  Call for medical assistance as needed.
      C.  Make  proper  notifications  in accordance with policy (see
          9.02 - Policy).
      D.  Do  not  sign  or  make  any  statement  which  admits City
      E.  Cooperate with Charlottesville City investigators.

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