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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: V - Personnel Policies and Procedures
Subject: Sick Leave
Code: 1-V-1
Revised: 2-11-00


      To provide policy and guidelines relative to the usage of sick
      leave within the Fire Department.

1.02  POLICY

      A.  Sick leave benefits are granted by the City to employees in
          permanent positions and include personal sick leave and
          family sick leave.
      B.  Benefits shall be paid at a rate equal to that paid if the
          employee were present for work.
      C.  Personal sick leave benefits are granted for the following
          1.  Personal illness.
          2.  Bodily injury, except those injuries arising out of or
              in the course of the performance of the job.
          3.  Exposure to a contagious disease when continuing to
              work may affect the health of others.
          4.  Pregnancy.
          5.  Physician's appointment.
       D. Family sick leave benefits are granted under the following
          1.  When a member of the employees immediate family needs
              attention, and it is impractical to get a relative,
              nurse, or neighbor to stay with the family member.
          2.  When a sudden emergency requires immediate attention by
              the employee.
          3.  The immediate family means mother, father, spouse,
              child, brother, sister, grandparent, mother-in-law,
              father-in-law, foster parent or blood relative who has
              served as a foster parent.
          4.  Family sick leave benefits are limited to a maximum of
              no more than eighty (80) hours per calendar year.
       E.  Any employee with at least one (l) month of service
           is eligible to accumulate combined sick leave.
       F.  Any employee in a permanent position with the City for
           more than one (l) month may be allowed sick leave with
           pay up to the amount accured provided the member follows
           the guidelines established within this policy.
       G.  Any individual who becomes sick while on duty shall be
           permitted to leave duty.  If possible, the individual
           should remain on duty until someone can be called back
           in, but only if the shift is at minimum manning.
       H.  Non-emergency doctors appointments will be permitted on
           duty.  Individuals who have a scheduled appointment
           shall notify the Officer-In-Charge at least 30 minutes
           prior to the time at which they are normally scheduled
           to work in order that plans can be made to accomodate 
           an individuals absence.
       I.  Sick leave benefits are charged to members of the Fire
           Suppression Division at a rate of one (1) hour of sick
           leave for every three (3) hours absent from duty or portion
           thereof, up to a maximum of eight (8) hours per day.
       J.  Sick leave benefits are charged to members ofthe Communications
           Division at a rate of one (1) hour of sick leave for
           every hour absent from duty or position, up to a maximum of
           eight (8) hours per day.


       A.  Members who are unable to report to work due to illness, 
           or who have a scheduled doctor's appointment
           shall notify the Officer-In-Charge at the Headquarters
           Station at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the time
           at which they are normally scheduled to work.
       B.  Failure to report to the Officer-In-Charge at least
           thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled duty period
           change will count as an occasion towards losing a holiday.
           (See 1-V-20, Section 20.02B - Reporting To Work On Time)
       C.  Members must notify the Officer-In-Charge at the Head-
           quarters Station, when unable to report for work,
           whether sick leave is of a personal or family nature.
       D.  Members of the Department on sick leave, when not
           hospitalized, are expected to remain at home.
       E.  The following exceptions to this provision are noted:
           1.  An individual may leave his/her residence to
               obtain medication, visit a physician, or obtain
               medical care or therapy.
           2.  It is recognized that certain illnesses and injuries
               require periods of convalescence.  It is the
               individuals responsibility to advise the Fire Chief
               of this; however, no one will be permitted to
               pursue another job in any capacity while on sick or
               injury leave.
       F.  Members of the department, while on sick/injury leave,
           shall not engage themselves in any type of employment
           or pursue recreational activities.
       G.  Violation of this provision is grounds for dismissal.
       H.  Sick leave usage shall be recorded for each Fire
           Department member.
       I.  A memo comparing individual usage of sick leave to the
           average Fire Department usage shall be sent to every
           member of the department on a yearly basis (see
       J.  This memo shall serve as:
           l.  Congratulations if the individuals sick leave usage
               is below the departmental average.
           2.  A cautionary note to monitor sick leave to avoid
               further punitive action.
           3.  A warning if the individuals sick leave usage is
               above the departmental average.
           4.  Notification requiring the individual to present a
               Certification of Illness (CFD Form 34) for every
               day of sick leave used, if the individuals sick
               leave usage is above the Departmental average
               and the individual has been repeatedly warned.
           5.  A warning that successive, excess uses of sick leave
               will affect evaluation and pay.
       K.  Individuals required to furnish the Fire Department with
           a Certification of Illness shall:
           l.  Be responsible to have several CFD Form 34's,
               Certification of Illness, on hand.
           2.  Bring the completed form at 0700 hours on the day
               the individual returns to work.
           3.  Not be paid for the day of their absence if the
               CFD Form 34 is not brought in as described in this
           4.  Face disciplinary action if the documentation is
               not provided more than once.
       L.  Absence because of illness which extends beyond the
           employee's accumulated combined leave benefits may be
           charged to vacation or leave without pay.
       M.  Fire Department members requiring extended absence
           because of illness must present a physicians certificate
           to their Fire Battalion Chief or must report to the Officer-
           In-Charge thirty (30) minutes prior to shift change on
           each day that members shift is regularly scheduled to work.
       N.  In the event that a member requires an extended
           absence from his/her regular duties, but according to
           a physician is fit for light duty, he/she may return to
           work under the physician's guidelines.


       A.  Where absence of a permanent full-time employee is necessary
           by serious and extended illness, injury, or disability, which
           is not related to the performance of duties, the appointing
           authority shall investigate the circumstances including the
           procurement of a physicians certificate.
       B.  If the Director of Personnel considers extraordinary sick
           leave to be justified, the Director shall approve it for
           an amount not to exceed one-half working day for each
           completed month of service.
       C.  If extraordinary sick leave has once been given for any
           completed month of service, it may not be given for that
           month again.
       D.  Extraordinary sick leave will not be granted unless the
           employee has exhausted all available sick leave, annual
           leave and compensatory leave accounts.


       A.  Maternity leave shall be provided to all pregnant employees
           upon written application in advance  of expected termination
           of pregnancy.
       B.  By the end of the sixth month of pregnancy and at such
           time as deemed necessary by the Department head, a doctor's
           statement discussing the probable date the employee must
           cease work shall be submitted to the Fire Chief or
           his/her designate.
       C.  Return from maternity leave status should normally be at
           a time no later than two (2) months following the con-
           clusion of the pregnancy.  An extension may be authorized
           by the Director of Personnel in cases of major complications.
       D.  Persons who use maternity leave shall be paid from the sick
           leave, compensatory leave and annual leave accounts in
           that order.  Should all accounts become exhausted the
           balance of leave will be without pay.
       E.  In cases of major complications to the pregnancy, employees
           may also request the granting of extraordinary sick leave.
       F.  An employee may continue to work as long as her doctor
           permits.  Should she have a temporary pregnancy-related
           illness before beginning maternity leave, the illness
           may be charged to sick leave.

1.06   SCOPE

       This policy applies to any member of the Fire Department on
       sick leave.


       All members shall be responsible for abiding by City and
       Department guidelines concerning usage of sick leave.

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