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City of Charlottesville, VA Fire Department


Chapter: V - Personnel Policies and Procedures
Subject: Personnel Evaluations
Code: 1-V-12
Revised: 6-10-96

12.01  PURPOSE

       A.  To provide policy and guidelines relative to the
           personnel evaluation process.
       B.  To provide a means of measuring and documenting
           employee performance and development as compared
           to specific job requirements.

12.02  POLICY

       A.  All members of the Charlottesville Fire Department
           shall be evaluated a minimum of two (2) times
           yearly - once in May and once in November.  Merit
           pay increases will be based upon May's evaluation;
           however, if an individual's November evaluation
           score should drop below the May evaluation score,
           the former score will be considered for for up-
           coming merit increases.
       B.  Probationary members will be evaluated midway
           through their probation period and at any other
           times deemed appropriate by the supervisor.
       C.  No evaluations of seasonal and temporary employees
           are necessary.
       D.  Supervisors who are charged with preparing a formal
           performance evaluation shall conduct a performance
           evaluation interview with the member being evaluated
           at the time that the formal evaluation is presented
           to the involved member.
       E.  Supervisors shall communicate with their subordinates
           regularly and shall establish a constructive dialogue
           with their subordinates relative to job performance.
           If necessary, regular informal performance evaluation
           interviews should be established to maximize communication.
           There should be no surprises for the member being
           evaluated; problems and/or deficiencies in performance
           should be addressed prior to formal evaluation.
       F.  Formal personnel evaluations shall be written on designated
           Charlottesville Fire Department Employee Evaluation Forms.
           (see attached).
       G.  Fire Battalion Captains, Fire Battalion Chiefs, Deputy Fire
           Chief, and Fire Chief shall be evaluated based on a written
           performance contract, with each contract tailored to include
           both departmental and individual goals.
       H.  Supervisors are not limited to the items listed on
           the standard formats. Other relevant performance
           criteria may be included in the evaluation on an
           individual basis, so long as such criteria are
           pertinent to the development of the member being


       A.  The Fire Chief is responsible for overall management
           of the personnel evaluation process within the
           Fire Department
       B.  Fire Battalion Chiefs, Fire Battalion Captains, and Fire
           Captains are responsible for the evaluations of their direct
       C.  The Division Heads are responsible for the evaluations
           of those members under their command.


       A.  Fire Battalion Chiefs and Division Heads responsible for
           evaluations should obtain and complete the
           Charlottesville Fire Department Employee Evaluation Forms
           for all members under their command.
       B.  Completed evaluation forms should be submitted to the
           Deputy Fire Chief at least two (2) weeks prior to the
           effective date of evaluation.
       C.  After approval, the evaluation forms will be returned to the
           involved supervisor, and said supervisor and the involved
           member must meet for an evaluation interview.
       D.  Only the person directly supervising the employee should be
           conducting the performance appraisal interview.
       E.  Each rater is to give the employee a copy of the written
           evaluation tool in advance of the interview, in order for
           the employee to rate his/her own performance and provide
           feedback to the rater for consideration before the final
           scores are determined.
       F.  During the appraisal interview, both the rater and the
           employee discuss the employee's concerns, goals and
           plans for self-improvement or corrective action.
       G.  The member shall sign the evaluation at the time of
           the interview and shall receive a copy of the evaluation.
       H.  Performance contracts will be reviewed annually prior
           to the individual's anniversary date and a written
           performance summary forwarded to the next higher level
           of authority.

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