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Active Members

Secretary Volunteer Fire Company, has 25 active members. To be an active member you must meet certain requirements:

  1. Must be at least 16 years of age.

  2. Have successfully completed the Firefighter 1 class.

  3. Have successfully completed the EMT - Basic Class.

  4. Active Firefighters must run at least 20% of the general alarms per year.

  5. Active EMT must run at least 25% of the general alarms per year.



 :. Active Members
Name Status Profile Website Email
Eric Cramer Firefighter/EMT    
David Cox Firefighter    
Corey Dukes  Firefighter    
Sam Yockey Firefighter    
Steve Wheeler Firefighter    
David Kemp Firefighter    
Mike Larrimore Firefighter/EMT    
Chris Hughes Firefighter    
Donnie Windsor Firefighter    
Bill Trego Firefighter    
Verlon Dukes III Firefighter    
John Burton Firefighter    
Greg Collins Firefighter    
Brian Kimmey Firefighter    
Kathy Wheeler Firefighter/EMT    
Calvin Secrist Firefighter    
B.J. Gullion Firefighter/EMT    
Alex Hardy Firefighter/EMT    
Jody Hughes Jr. Firefighter/EMT    
Mandy Gullion Firefighter/EMT    
Kitten Burton EMT    
Ashlie Elliott EMT    
Susan Kirwan EMT    
Mike Woodland Firefighter    



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